How to find us:

Office Address

SlowSoft GmbH
Baslerstrasse 30
8048 Zürich


+41 (0) 76 320 65 41 (Ch. Traber)


Column in Pink No. 03
Office Address: Baslerstrasse 30, 8048 Zürich

Our office is located in a large building complex and is somewhat difficult to find. The main entrance with the reception desk is situated at the crossing Baslerstrasse/Hardgutstrasse (entry 01, orange column). The entrance to our office is on Hardgutstrasse at the entry 03 (light green column). Please just give us a call as soon as you arrive there.

Arriving by Public Transport

You can reach us by tram 2, bus 31 or on foot:

  • Tram 2 in direction of "Farbhof" until stop "Freihofstrasse" (arriving from, e.g., "Bahnhof Tiefenbrunnen" or "Bellevue")
  • Bus 31 in direction of "Farbhof/Zentrum Schlieren" until stop "SBB-Werkstätte" (arriving from, e.g., "Bahnhofplatz")
  • Bus 31 in direction of "Hegibachplatz" until stop "SBB-Werkstätte" (arriving from "Bahnhof Altstetten")
  • 15 minutes walk from "Bahnhof Altstetten"

Arriving by Car

Drive to crossing Baslerstrasse/Hardgutstrasse, where the main entrance of Mediacampus (column 01) is located. Enter "Baslerstrasse/Hardgutstrasse crossing" as navigation destination.

There are yellow-marked visitor parking lots at the main entrance. Parking permits are available at the reception desk. Please note that parking on campus without permit may be fined.